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Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games For Kids

Pros and cons of video games: should kids play them? - netivist

Video games are one of the intriguing and most entertaining activities a child can get involved in. With valid reports and assessments from Britainreviews.co.uk, children reclusive to participation in other activities get fully involved when it comes to gaming.

Thus, if you follow the list of telecom companies in UK reviews, you would find out the best company to purchase quality video games for your children.

Since the inception of gaming and with everyday advancements in technology, kids have gone over the board with video games. For this reason, parents have reservations about allowing their children to play video games. Although the cons are more pronounced, the pros of video games cannot be overruled.

Below are the Pros and Cons of playing video games for your kid:


·         It speeds up cognitive function

Video Games, according to research, have been said to increase the efficiency of the brain. Kids can think beyond their capacity and have helped them to become inquisitive because their auditory receptors are now boosted.

·         Assuages anxiety and depression

Kids that are near depression and are anxious about what life and what to do find healing in playing games. For example, Tetris is said to ease post-traumatic stress disorders in children. It helps kids find social interaction among people rather than staying locked up and feeling dejected.

·         It improves visual processes

Video Games improve eyesight through continuous and unstirred focus from the device screen. Signals from the brain are sent to the eye and the eye becomes very sensitive to visual contrast. Gaming can also help visually impaired kids gain a clear direction of movement.

·         Enhances everyday skills

Generally, gaming helps boost the body’s productivity. It ensures the normal functioning of the body, critical thinking, as well as multitasking. Video Games stimulate enzymes for rapid memory coordination and productivity. It can also help build skills such as diversification, critical thinking, decision-making, teamwork, and collaboration.


·         Decreases or changes concentration

The continuous and unchecked playing of video games can shift a kid’s concentration from other things. The only thing he/she focuses on is getting another thing done when another thing is being required.

·         Affect psychology of the kid.

The psychology of video gamers begins to change as he/she plays. It can affect social interaction that the kid may prefer privacy to the company of other people. An adverse effect is that the child’s focus at school gradually wanes.

·         Violence

Violence can be caused by the content of the game. According to WHO, gaming disorder is considered a disease. Who and who are the players in the game should be checked as that may cause violence.

However, in video games, the player doesn’t always win and therefore, continuous failure can lead to violence.

·         May lead to or exacerbate depression

Although video games are said to ease depression and anxiety, another bad effect is that it aggravates a bad state rather than correcting it.

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