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The History and Evolution of Card Games

The History and Evolution of Online Casino Gaming

Everyone knows a few card games. People even come up with their own games and their own rules when they are handed a pack of cards.

Card games are now so common that they have become a part of our lives. However, whether it is just a form of entertainment or an avenue for a lucky individual to make some winnings, card games have come a long way and have constantly evolved to a form that could not be easily distinguished now. Therefore, it would be good to appreciate the storied history of card games. (Talking of card games, visit Reviewsbird.com to check out stores for getting card games.)

Here is a brief history of card games and how they evolved to the modern playing deck.


Card games originated in China with the use of dominoes, although the rules of how they were initially played were lost in time. The advent of papermaking in China led to the creation of paper slips which replaced dominoes but still had their markings. These paper slips were easier to take around and cheaper to make. Soon, the papermaking itself and paper slips spread to other parts of Asia, and other decks of cards were being made. One of the first stops it made in Asia was in Korea. In Korea, the traditional domino cards were replaced with a deck – one with 8 units of 10 cards each with a general as the highest in each suit.

Playing cards remained in Eastern Asia for hundreds of years, until a time when two Chinese papermakers were captured in a battle between the Chinese and Persians. They were taken to the Persian capital at that time, Samarkand, and made to divulge the secrets of paper printing. Then, paper playing cards were produced too, along with new decks and new suits.

Popularity in Europe

It took another 300+ years before cards came into Europe. They were believed to be brought in by either merchants or crusaders coming back from Israel. The cards eventually evolved further in 1400, with King, Queen, Knight, and Jack becoming staples. Some special symbols including a fool were also added. At a point, an entire deck numbers to almost a hundred. The deck was used to play the game Tarocco. The cards were adapted by fortune tellers into the current tarot cards we now know as most of the card symbols symbolized occult and mysticism.

The French made the modern suits that spread around the world, originally known as Trefoils, Spearheads, Hearts, and Squares. However, it was not until the 18th century before the current design for the modern deck was created.

The Modern Deck

The Americans designed the modern playing cards in 1800. Some other changes that were made to playing cards during this era include; inclusion of the Joker to the deck, a varnished surface for easy shuffling, and rounded corners for added durability.

The Bottom Line

The modern deck now comes in different themes but … Read More..