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4 Ways Playing Games Could Impact Your Food Intake

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With incredible graphics, well-rendered environments, challenging tasks, heart racing fight scenes, gaming AI, and other features and technologies meant to keep you punching away at your controller for hours at a stretch, it is no wonder why video games are so addictive as we can simply not get enough.

Yes, playing video games is truly exhilarating and addictive and with the millions of video titles and gaming console brands out in the market add a couple of snacks to go with all that for double the satisfaction, and the fun literally never stops for gaming enthusiasts. But inevitably a matter such as this is always going to have several debates surrounding it especially on how it affects the health and overall wellbeing of active players.

If you have been wondering how your gaming addiction affects your feeding habit, in this post we shall be delving into the debate on how playing games impacts how much game lovers eat while playing.

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The Body Forgets It Has Been Fed

According to research found online relating to this topic, researchers at the School of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol in the UK performed an experiment involving 2 groups of individuals to investigate how memory and attention affect how much food we eat and our appetite, it was found that individuals in one of the groups that ate while been distracted a computer game ate way more than the second group that had no distraction.

We can infer from this research that since video games are very distracting as they can take up the attention of the player, people that play video games a lot are most likely to eat more.

The Body Uses Up A lot of Energy During Gaming Session

If you are gaming enthusiasts have you ever felt hunger more frequently during extended periods of gaming than you would on days that you weren’t engaged in this activity? Well, this is because the brain is more engaged during gaming and so the body requires more food to keep up with the body’s energy requirement. But the only problem here is, more often than not, this isn’t a true reflection of how much food the body needs. Check out this research to find out more.

Distracted Eating Reduces Food Intake

Ok at this point it gets distracting because another research found in the Journal of Nutrition carried out by researchers at the University of Illinois sampling 119 young people, they ate less while they were distracted by a computer game than when they weren’t distracted.

This provides a different result from the first research previously referred to in this post, but according to the research method, there might be some fact … Read More..